The Importance Of Self-Control & Five Ways To Cultivate It

Jul 23, 2018 2 Min Read

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Self-control is essential to leadership, yet its a topic hardly ever discussed. The word self-control itself seems to suggest that there is a need for self-restraint, and therefore, implies that we need to be subdued to some degree. But why? Aren’t we all just fine the way we are? Is there really something wrong with us, that we need to be curbed? Don’t we all have it together?
In an age of modernity that seeks freedom as the ultimate expression of life, recognising our intrinsic need for self-control can be disconcerting, uncomfortable, and counter-cultural. Yet the fact that effective leadership recognises and embraces the need for self-control, is beyond contention. It is on the periphery of discomfort, in the tension of the two perspectives, that comfort is found.

In this Raise Your Game session featuring Gurpreet Singh, Leaderonomics’ Youth Partnership Lead — we discuss a leader’s need for self-control and five ways to cultivate it.

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