The Amazing Discovery Of Mirror Neurons

Feb 16, 2013 1 Min Read

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If you stick your tongue out at a newborn, the newborn will do the same. Why is that? The answer… mirror neurons!

The existence of mirror neurons in your brain is one of the greatest, most recent discoveries of neuroscience. These amazing cells are scattered throughout your brain. Mirror neurons fire when you move. They also fire when you see someone else move. Even when you hear someone move. The implications are huge!

Mirror neurons allow us to copy movement, feel for another person, and get wrapped up in watching a sports event or a play. These brain cells are deeply involved in the way we learn about the world.


Neuroscientist Vittorio Gallese states,

We share with others not only the way they normally act or subjectively experience emotions and sensations but also the neural circuits enabling those actions, emotions, and sensations; the mirror neuron systems.

Want to see evidence of mirror neurons in action? Let out a big yawn the next time you are with a group of people. Watch to see what happens! Now think about the whole dynamic of social interaction!

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My friend, George Kohlrieser, sent me a great video clip on mirror neurons. It is remarkable!


Click play to watch the video:


You can develop your mirror neurons by very carefully observing how someone executes movement. Your mirror neurons will fire just as if you did the movement! You can practice these movements in your head. You develop your imagination. Your brain becomes better at interacting with the world. Reflect on that.



You are a genius

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