SPARK Auditions: Ignite Your Potential

Sep 09, 2016 1 Min Read


SPARK will run from Dec 11–17, 2016 at Epsom College, in Malaysia’s state-of-the-art premises in Bandar Enstek, Sepang.

Malaysian youths aged 13–16 will be selected from all over Malaysia, from diverse backgrounds to participate in this unique platform to learn and grow together.

All participants will be fully sponsored and accommodated at Epsom’s boarding houses during the duration of the programme. Leaderonomics, the organiser, is a social enterprise dedicated to helping individuals reach their full potential as leaders.

The programme will be experiential in nature and will include projects, game-based learning, and leadership sharing sessions by prominent Malaysian leaders, field trips to Putrajaya, fun group activities and numerous growth and development opportunities for the participants.


The objective
The SPARK Leadership Programme sets out to:

  • provide an opportunity to deserving students from all over Malaysia to discover their true leadership potential.
  • enable Malaysian youth to learn and practise leadership.
  • inspire future leaders amongst the youth in Malaysia by challenging them to apply their newly learnt leadership skills to community projects that will make a difference in their immediate communities.
  • encourage an active sharing of ideas on issues and challenges of shared concern and interest, and work on impacting their community with the guidance of facilitators who act as their mentors.

LEAD ChallengeIMG_1603

The integral part of SPARK is the live project called the LEAD Challenge, which participants must complete in order to graduate from the programme.

Here, participants are divided into teams and allocated a sum of money to design, develop and execute a live community project throughout the programme.

The LEAD Challenge aims to:

  • provide participants with hands-on experience in project management
  • provide guidance on how they can play a role in making a difference in their communities
  • help its 80 participants develop their sense of self-awareness, critical and creative thinking, communication and confidence
  • provide foundational tools to chart the participants’ own leadership journey

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