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Nov 21, 2014 1 Min Read

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Since its humble beginnings in 1969, Samsung Electronics has come a long way and today, it stands proud as one of the world’s renowned conglomerates.

With more than 286,000 employees worldwide and more than 4,000 employees in Malaysia, Samsung Electronics has created a niche for itself as the pioneer in digital media and digital convergence technologies.

At the recently held Malaysia’s 100 Leading Graduate Employers Awards Night, Samsung Electronics emerged winner for the most popular graduate employer in the electronics sector for the second consecutive year. It was also a finalist for the Retail and ICT Multimedia sector.

Besides this, Samsung Electronics was also ranked the seventh World’s Most Valuable Brands in 2014 and was awarded Brand of the Year by Putra Brand Awards in 2013.

At the heart’s core

A firm believer of values being the epitome of a good business, all decisions made by the organisation adheres to its core values. These comprise:

  • People

We value our people with a strong foundation in the “A company is its people” philosophy and will provide opportunities for them to perform to their full potential.

  • Excellence

We give our best effort with endless passion and a challenging spirit to become the world’s best in every way.

  • Change

With the mentality that “survival is impossible without change,” we execute change and innovation with speed and initiative.

  • Integrity

We, as Samsung People with humanity and integrity, will uphold honour and dignity and follow standards and principles with justice in all we do.

  • Co-prosperity

As a global citizen living together with society, we strive for the co-prosperity of the community, nation and humankind.

Creating opportunities

With its commitment to cultivate a culture of true global leadership imbued in a creative yet passionate working environment, Samsung Electronics is always offering opportunities for young graduates to embark on a fulfilling career with global exposure.

One such way is through the Samsung Asia Elite (SAE) Programme. This is a fast-track two-year international programme which is meticulously crafted with an abundance of coaching opportunities that develop functional and leadership competencies.

Samsung also emphasises on hiring the best and brightest local interns through its rigorous, structured internship programme. It is part of the talent pipeline to start early and mould these talents well before absorbing them into the mainstream hiring process.

“At Samsung, we are permanently committed to creating a truly global leadership culture that is as diverse and vibrant as the markets we serve, and the products we make. Only with our unique breadth and massive global reach can we bring joy to people through our products and services that help improve lives.

“We aim to spread the education and healthcare that we offer to people all over the world,” says Lim Chee Gay, human resources director of Samsung Malaysia Electronics.

“Our belief and investment in our people have nurtured positive and professional working relationships. This has been clearly reflected by the annual 2014 Samsung Culture Index (SCI).”

SCI key findings

  • 90% of employees are able to prioritise their work by importance
  • 80% of employees feel empowered to complete their tasks
  • 75% of employees feel proud to be a part of their team, and respect each other
  • 75% of employees feel their team members care for one another

With its constant innovation and ability to predict the next big wave, Samsung Electronics is an organisation that will put you in touch with the future. A career with this organisation ensures the opportunity to be a part of tomorrow’s growing technology.

Samsung Electronics is constantly on the lookout for outstanding local and global talents who have the desire to evolve into dynamic future leaders.

The organisation welcomes individuals with the following core skills.

Core skills

  • Pace of change; can-do attitude; delivering more than expected.
  •  Strongly fact-based; optimum moment of choice.
  • Understanding of company culture; navigate through complex networks.
  • Capabilities to achieve goals; bring individuals together; collaborate productively in diverse teams.
  • Manage power networks; give others confidence; outstanding communication skills.
For more information about what Samsung Electronics has in store for your career prospects, go to

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