Raise Your Game: Leadership Lessons From José Mourinho – Building High Performance Teams


Roshan Thiran


1 min read

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In the past few years, José Mourinho has built three high performance teams. He and each of the teams manage to gel, start to perform and win trophies. The question is, how does he do it?

According to George Kohlrieser in his book Hostage at the Table, there are eight key pillars to high performance leadership:

  1. Leading from the mind’s eye – the power of focus;
  2. Cycle of bonding – motivation, inspiration, resilience;
  3. Leader as secure base – creating trust to drive change;
  4. Conflict resolution – resolving differences;
  5. Power of dialogue – building bridges with common understandings;
  6. High impact negotiation – influencing and persuading;
  7. Leveraging strengths – team self-awareness; and
  8. Managing emotions – creating high energy.

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