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The digital team at Leaderonomics talks us through the role that digital learning has to play in personal and career development.

What exactly is digital learning? How is it better than the time and tested methods, and what are some reservations that some might have about it all?

Join us to explore this new era of digital learning.

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“We believe that our Digital Learning offering, specifically packaged and designed for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), will equip SMEs with a tool that would allow them to develop their people in a systematic and very affordable way. Learning at all levels is important for an organisation to grow and scale, and even though e-learning is not the answer for everything, it’s a great basis that provides solid foundations.” – Evangelia Christodoulou

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To know more about digital learning offered by Leaderonomics, email us at learn@leaderonomics.com. To visit our website, click here.

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