Raise Your Game: Diagnosing Underperformance At Work

Nov 06, 2016 1 Min Read
raise your game

We often talk about unleashing the performance of an individual through development, but the first step in equipping people is to diagnose the cause of underperformance.

Underperformance is not an overnight phenomenon. Something contributes to the gradual decline of the employee’s engagement or performance at work. Unfortunately, many managers immediately attribute it to the lack of competency.

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Some contributing factors you need to look into include:

  • attitude
  • environment
  • competence
  • tools

Director of Learning and Growth at Leaderonomics, Sashe Kanapathi looks at some macro causes of underperformance and what that means to you and the organisation.

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If you would like to speak to our fellow Learning and Growth team on how we can help your organisation, email us at training@leaderonomics.com. To know more about what Leaderonomics do as a social enterprise, check out www.leaderonomics.org. For our other Raise Your Game podcasts, click here.

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Sashe is certain that his 18-year career in IT was about leadership and not technology. He is currently the head of Leaderonomics Digital and ponders the use of technology in his free time.

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