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Aug 15, 2014 1 Min Read

We spoke to some of our previous campers and asked them to share their DIODE experiences!


Name: Naqhwan Nur Hidayah
Age: 17
Camp: ROAR

What is the one most valuable thing you have learnt from DIODE?

The most valuable thing I learnt from DIODE is self-confidence. In my opinion, having confidence is the cornerstone of leadership, as a leader’s role is to coach and influence others.

Without confidence, there is no leadership. Having self-confidence helped me to be a better communicator in order to influence others towards a better future.

How has DIODE prepared me to become a better leader?

DIODE has prepared me to become a better leader by changing my point of view. I used to be a pessimistic person. Everything seemed bad to me.

However, DIODE taught me to be an optimist. I realised that it is my own choice to be an optimist or pessimist; it is my own choice whether to rise or fall.

DIODE also helped me a lot in learning how to speak better. I can now speak with confidence, as well as avoid being awkward when talking to other people.

A session in the camp, called “Breaking Boundaries”, was a great experience. It taught me to get out of my comfort zone and to achieve amazing dreams, compared to what I had always been doing in my comfort zone.

Moreover, DIODE taught me that I’m not alone in whatever I am doing or going through. The “Cross the Line” session made me realise that the people around me are facing life’s struggles and battles similar to mine.

Also, lowering my ego by sharing my tears doesn’t make me weaker but stronger! I was inspired to help others to stay strong and motivated.

We can fall and keep down, or stand and roar! Although it was a short three-day of camp with the youth team, it was the greatest and most life-changing experience for me!

Thanks a lot, Leaderonomics!

My hope for the youth of today is…

To always stay motivated and ambitious!

Set up a goal and work hard to achieve it. Never ever give up in anything and develop an exploding determination to change yourselves in order to be great leaders in future.

Always help others to stay motivated too, because a true leader doesn’t create followers but creates even more leaders!


Name: Ashvin Singh Tiwana
Age: 16
Camp: Youth Leadership Camp (YLC) June 2014

What is the one most valuable thing that you have learnt from DIODE?

The one most valuable thing that I have learnt is to be more daring. DIODE provided activities that have made me grow out of the shy teen that I am.

I am now more open to challenges, and have grown from my experience to become a better, more open, and daring person.

How has DIODE prepared me to become a better leader?

DIODE changed me completely! It opened up my mind to a world of endless possibilities and it taught me to be more confident, brave and true. I’ve now grown from a shy boy into a confident teen, who isn’t afraid to try new challenges and be more open.

My hope for the youth of today is…

To be more open and accepting towards one another. We all live in a diverse community and youth alike should respect one another, despite our differences, as we are all one big family.


Name: Nazanin Fatimah Yousefi
Age: 15
Camp: YLC and Advanced Leadership Camp (ALC)

What is the one most valuable thing that you have learnt from DIODE?

One of the most valuable things that I learnt from DIODE was to accept myself for who I am, as we are all different and unique individuals.

I learnt that although I might not be good at drawing, playing basketball or some other tasks, it does not mean I am weak or disabled. This is because all of us have different talents and we are all good at something.

How has DIODE prepared me to become a better leader?

Every time I stand up in front of a crowd to deliver a speech, and every time I volunteer to share my thoughts and ideas, I’m reminded of DIODE Camp and how it helped me to be self-assured in the midst of those fun moments.

Without attending DIODE Camp, I might have still been that anxious girl who does not dare to voice out.

My hope for the youth of today is…

That they can learn to use modern technology to benefit our nation. There are many things that we can learn through technology to better the society we are living in.

Instead of wasting time on the internet, we can achieve impossible things with it.


Name: Yeoh Shu Wen Cassandra
Age: 18
Camp: YLC in 2011

What is the one most valuable thing I learnt from DIODE

DIODE is the best camp ever! It’s the camp that transformed my life. I learnt not only one, but countless valuable lessons from DIODE. Trust me, everyone who joins DIODE will definitely agree.

Attending the DIODE Camp was undoubtedly the reason for my unbelievable drastic improvement in public speaking.

As a dyslexic, I was not confident, never stood on stage and often hid behind my mum’s skirt (literally).

Because of DIODE, I emerged as champion in public speaking competitions. I have even gone as far as being an emcee and the youngest chief judge for national public speaking competitions. DIODE brings lives to greater heights!

How has DIODE prepared me to become a better leader?

I agree with the saying that leaders are nurtured, not born. The science of leaders which shows the statistics of “nurture means more than nature” gave me the confidence to lead.

I have to admit that I am not a born leader. However, DIODE gave me the boost of confidence to take the lead.

Being able to lead is truly a remarkable achievement. When I was a child, I wasn’t even able to play in a group as understanding simple instructions was a challenge.

Now, I’m not only able to be part of a group, but I can also lead groups.

My hope for the youth of today is…

No matter what setbacks you face, your fate lies within your own hands.

It doesn’t matter if everyone gives up on you. The most important thing is to never give up on yourself. You can choose to be who you want to be.

DIODE made me believe that dyslexia is not a disability. Instead, it is a gift that can be used to achieve things that are above average. Your dreams can definitely turn into reality with the help of DIODE.

I love DIODE! Without it, I wouldn’t be where I am today!

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