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Nov 16, 2018 1 Min Read
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MIHRM: Malaysia HR Awards


By utilising a very dynamic and rigorous selection process, Malaysian Institute of Human Resources Management (MIHRM) identified organisations that are championing better work and working lives by enhancing business performances and work experience of employees, customers and the nation at large.

With a panel of judges with vast exposures in the human resources (HR) profession, the Malaysian International HR Awards offer significant value to organisations and individuals who are part of the process.  

Entrants were given the opportunity to showcase the work of HR and learning and development (L&D), how they added value to their organisations, how initiatives were conceived, how they aligned with the overall business objectives, the challenges encountered and the successes achieved.

The MIHRM Malaysia International HR Awards 18th edition encapsulates the many success stories in the Malaysian HR landscape.

MIHRM President J. Aresandiran

MIHRM President J. Aresandiran highlighted that the number of entries increased from 42 in 2017 to 46 in 2018.

This increase was achieved with additional categories catering for international recognitions, which are Best Employer (Asia), Best Employer (Global), HR Leader (Asia) and HR Leader (Global).

Furthermore, there were a few outstanding elements that shone in the 18th edition. For example, the use of digitalisation to quantum leap efficiency, productivity and effectiveness in HR was evident and showcased at the HR Best Practices Seminar 2018.  

Aresandiran further adds, “This year the companies that entered have displayed a strong drive for talent and retention. Greater emphasis was placed on performance management and talent retention. There were also newer HR practices seen among the companies that entered in 2018”.

The awards ceremony was held yesterday at the Sunway Resort Hotel and Spa.


Syabas to ALL the MIHRM Malaysia International HR Award Winners!




To cater to the ever-changing needs of the marketplace, MIHRM has trained more than 20,000 competent human resource professionals and practitioners, in both private and public sectors, since its establishment in 1976.

With the illustrious title of being Malaysia’s first professional body promoting the practice of human resource management, MIHRM is a voluntary non-profit, non-governmental organisation, registered under the Societies Act. Council members, who are elected biannually from members attending a general meeting, manage the institute.

Besides its collaboration and association with other similar organisations, MIHRM is also affiliated with the Asian Regional Training and Development Organisation, Asia Pacific Federation of Human Resource Management, International Federation of Training and Development Organisation, and World Federation of Personnel Management Associations.  

MIHRM has been organising the Malaysia HR Awards since 1999. It is a national event with international status and global recognition. The honourable Minister of Human Resource is the Patron of the awards and it is strongly supported and endorsed by the human resource community.


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