Leadership Model For Gen-Y

Nov 14, 2014 1 Min Read

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What’s the best model of leadership to influence and engage the Gen-Y employees in our organisation?

To answer that, let’s start by looking at what they value. While there has been no conclusive research done, these are some of the important things that have been widely observed (in no particular order):

  • Work-life balance.
  • Good boss.
  • Fun and open culture.
  • Cool office.
  • Good compensation package.
  • Quick career progression.
  • Opportunity to travel for work.
  • Proper tools and training for the job.
  • Bigger responsibilities.
  • Freedom to make decisions.

Essentially, if we categorise it, there are two things that they are looking for:

  1. People who will believe in them and empower them.
  2. Being able to work in an environment that is engaging.

The first leadership model or style that addresses the empowerment issue is by being democratic.

Gen-Y employees believe they have something valuable to contribute. They do not necessarily expect that all their suggestions would be accepted, but they want to be heard.

The second model is pace setting. Here, a leader needs to create exciting goals and encourage the employees to challenge themselves.

It creates a sense of adventure and also a bigger purpose that Gen-Y employees will find attractive.

The third model is coaching. While Gen-Y employees are quite capable, they also acknowledge that there are things that they don’t know.

They respond well to coaching rather than being lectured or scolded. They prefer it if someone comes alongside to guide them on how to improve as opposed to being left alone to figure things out.

Using these three models will ensure more influence and better engagement with Gen-Y employees.

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