Keeping Your Brain Alive

Feb 23, 2013 1 Min Read

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Some people’s brains age well. And lots don’t.

I read these two statements today by leading neuroscientists: “We have a horrible situation now where we have figured out how to prolong the health of the body without prolonging the health of the brain. Right now… there is a 50/50 chance that you’ll eventually be identified one day as senile… so we have longevity but the end is not great”.

“Eating one meal of fish weekly reduces your chances of Alzheimers disease by 60%”!

As I continue to learn about the brain I am repeatedly struck by two things:
1. How easily our brain can be at peril.
2. How simple it is to do the right things to protect the brain.

Here are the top four fish for your brain: salmon, sardines, herring, and mackerel. All are packed with omega-3s that help to neutralise omega-6s.

In the next Brain Bulletin, you will learn some cool learning tips.


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Terry Small is a brain expert who resides in Canada and believes that anyone can learn how to learn easier, better, faster, and that learning to learn is the most important skill a person can acquire. To interact with Terry, email

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