An Exclusive Interview With Ashwin Rajgopal, MD of L’Oréal Malaysia

Jun 30, 2015 1 Min Read
ashwin Rajgopal
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In this special interview with the MD of L’Oréal Malaysia, Ashwin Rajgopal shares his secrets of leadership and how he succeeded in various aspects of transforming and growing the organisations that he led

Ashwin Rajgopal is the managing director of L’Oréal Malaysia, having been in the cosmetics group since 2002. His previous roles include the post of general manager, Consumer Products Division at L’Oréal Indonesia, and general manager, Marketing, Consumer Products Division in L’Oréal India. Having a background in biochemistry, listen to how he eventually found his true calling in the cosmetics industry. Also, hear what he has to say about talent management in L’Oréal Malaysia and work-life balance.

Watch the interview with Ashwin below:

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