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Jan 01, 2022 5 Min Read
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LXPs are Changing The HR and Learning Space: Check Out the Best of the Best

I was recently introduced to the Learning Experience Platform (LXP) when I joined my current organisation. Initially, I thought it was a Learning Management System (LMS) that was unique and rather cool. I soon realised it was completely different and revolutionary. The LXP is the latest evolution of training technology. It is build using artificial intelligence and it focuses on user experience and customised learning. The LXP enhances the usability and efficiency of the learning experience so that learners can seamlessly interact with multiple types of Learning Management System (LMS) in one platform. It blew my mind when I started using Necole, the LXP of choice in my organisation. I was able to interact and engage with so many levels and type of learning content from so many sources and places all in one platform. 

As I explore the platform further, I realised that there were a myriad of other features that enables each user to build their own content, share with other users (both privately and publicly) and a huge number of features and capabilities in the reporting and analytics space (special thanks to my HR leader for allowing me to sneak peak into the necole LXP admin function). Further more, it made learning very social and engaging with numerous social learning features and attributes. I was just blown away.

By using an LXP, I noticed how my organisation was able to creating and nurture culture of learning within an organisation. Employees were addicted to our LXP (Necole) and were accessing learning content instead of using Facebook. I remember a colleague, Nizam (who is now the Head of HR at TalentCorp), who swore by Necole (the LXP we used). And he said he learnt and grew so much just by the byte-sized content it provided. Good LXPs match employees personal career progression and / or personal interests with other content that is critical for them to be successful in an organisation. In fact, some of the content is "Netflix-like" and I too am occasionally caught up in spending a lot of my free time leaning on Necole instead of wasting it away on social media scrolls.

What Makes an LXP?

According to Josh Bersin, these are the distinguising features of an LXP:

  1. They present content in a “Netflix-like” interface, with recommendations, panels, mobile interfaces, and AI-driven recommendations,
  2. They accommodate any form of content, including articles, podcasts, blogs, micro-learning, videos, and courses,
  3. They are social, and include social profiles which connect content to people to create authority,
  4. They have paths or learning track or trails so you can follow content to a logical learning outcome,
  5. They have some form of assessment and often badging or certification,
  6. They make it easy to publish your own content as an individual,
  7. They are mobile, fun to use, fast and easy to traverse and have great search and embedded learning features.

I think Bersin may have missed out a No. 8, which is a key feature of Necole, the LXP I use -- the ability to enable a community to learn together, discuss and engage in a collaborative manner. That is the feature I love the most, where I can engage with employees from my own organisation, but also be part of public groups (almost LinkedIn-like) where I engage with employees and others from other organisations and learn from them too. 

This led me on a search to figure out what the other LXPs were that were out there. I honestly didn't realise there were so many LXP companies (and some LMS companies masquarading as an LXP) but it is not suprising as this new age, in which networks connect with Artificial intelligence and machine learning means there is bound to be more focus on learning and development. I decided to do deep research into the space and name my Top 7 LXP companies in the world. I thought this would also help other HR and Learning & Development (L&D) leaders out there be able to find the most suitable LXP for their organisation. My criteria was based on extent of features and capabilities, price points and also other engaging features (engagement rates of users, communities engagement and reach and a few other metrics on analytics, reporting and user experience). Finally, a great LXP must provide a truly engaging experience for people to use it at their own discretion.

Top 7 LXPs Globally

So, here is my Top 7 LXP list:

  1. Necole - I may be biased (as it was the first LXP I used) but based on price (only USD70 per year), capabilities, security and features, this has to be the best LXP in town. And they also have a B2C version which not many other LXPs have.
  2. Edcast - Based in Silicon Valley and run by Karl Mehta, they brand themselves as an AI-Driven Knowledge Cloud and the "netflix of learning."
  3. Degreed & Pathgather - part of the same group. Degreed brands itself as the ‘The Lifelong Learning Platform’
  4. Valamis - They brand themself as the leaning solution that "unifies your learning."
  5. Cornerstone Xplor - just launched recently and originally called a "People's Experience Platform"
  6. Fuse - branded as the Learning platform that ignites people's performance
  7. LemonadeLXP - Branded as addictive microlearning for all.

I hope this gives you a flavour of some of the LXPs out in the market and some of the things you should be looking out for in these new experience platforms. Learning Experience Platforms are here to stay and will be the new platforms of learning over the next few years. If you haven't tried one, I would recommend getting the personalised, B2C version of necole, here. Most of the other platforms are Enterprise versions, but necole offers for only USD70 per year, a full-scaled LXP for personal usage and growth. Edcast also recently announced a B2C version of its platform called Spark, which would be another option to explore. 

Happy LXPing! And a best wishes for 2022 to be filled with joy, happiness and great learning and growth for you!

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