TalentCorp: Strengthening Malaysia’s HR Talent Pool

Oct 23, 2015 3 Min Read
Ecstatic cheers from graduates
Source:Photo above: Ecstatic cheers from graduates of the AHRI course organised by K-Pintar Sdn Bhd.

HR certification programmes

Malaysia, in its pursuit towards achieving high income nation status by 2020, will not be able to reach it without having a cadre of HR professionals.

To raise the bar for the HR profession, TalentCorp has joined forces with some of the leading HR certification training providers in the country, providing funding support to employers and opening the door for more involved participation from HR leaders.

This initiative in upskilling the capabilities of HR practitioners is in line with the human capital development strategic reform initiative of the Economic Transformation Programme, which is Malaysia’s roadmap towards achieving this economic status by 2020.

One way is to ensure that organisations in the country understand how to strike the right balance between the interests of business and the capacity of its workforce.

Leading employers understand the need for HR certification programmes as part of their human capital masterplan.

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These programmes are not merely window dressing to please the eye. They provide essential pre-requisite knowledge and skills for HR professionals, in effect building a sound platform for organisation leaders who have answered the call to action on improving their talent management initiatives.

Since the launch of TalentCorp’s partnership with four key HR certification training providers last year, there has been a positive increase in number of participants – from 189 (in 2014) to 267 (as of October 2015).

“HR certification provides “the know” and “the know-how” of good people management and practices. If we can do this right, the interests and wellbeing of the workforce will be well looked after. This further translates into higher productivity, where the business and overall economy will also benefit.” – Siti Aishah Md Lassim, head, diversity and capability programmes, TalentCorp

“My advice to HR practitioners who are either new or experienced is that they should obtain a HR Certification to improve their fundamentals in HR to add value to the business and gain a competitive advantage.”

– Lim Chee Gay, director, human resources and general affairs, Samsung Electronics Malaysia

“Businesses in Malaysia and other Asia Pacific countries are undergoing significant changes which require HR to step up and engineer, shape and manage some of the business changes. HR certification helps us move up.”

– Datuk Derick Khoo Chin Eu, senior general manager, group human capital, Tan Chong Motor Holdings Bhd

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