Flexible Workplace: Co-working Spaces Enhance Performance

Aug 08, 2021 5 Min Read
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"Collaboration instead of Competition!"

Amongst the various newly emerging trends of 2020, co-working spaces have surfaced like a boon, not just for the business owners and employers, but also the employees. Before we get started with the benefits one gets in a co-working space, we must first try to understand what a co-working space is.
A co-working space can be interpreted as a workspace that is shared by different companies. It not only allows the companies to cut costs on the rent they pay for huge spaces but has several other benefits wrapped in it.
Small businesses usually find it hard to get enough sponsors and gather enough money to afford a large space. Since these businesses are smaller, they also do not have a large number of employees and can also manage to run their business in a small space.
That is exactly how a co-working space solves the problem for these small businesses. It brings them together under one roof and allows them to share the space and the rent. Now let us look at the benefits enjoyed by the employees working in a co-working space.

(1) Better and large Network:

Just like we mentioned previously, Co-working spaces bring together several small businesses under the same roof and allow them to work under it. The people working for these small businesses get an opportunity to interact and communicate with the employees of the other companies sharing the space with them. 
The employees, therefore, get to increase their circle of acquaintances and interact with people, outside their office staff. Having a good network is one of the most essential backups to have in tough times. In times when you require a new job, you can always turn to a colleague for suggestions and recommendations. When you are part of the business world, you should know that networking is one of the most important steps to advance in your career. Networking means meeting people that can endorse your skillsets, that will help you find new opportunities, and connect to other people. 
Some of the advantages of networking include: 

  • it helps you build and strengthen business connections
  • you can build confidence
  • you will get new fresh ideas
  • it will help you gain new knowledge
  • t will improve your communication skills
  • you can get career advice and support
  • you will gain a different perspective

(2) Enhanced productivity:

Several Small business owners are presently looking for employees who can work from home since it would help them in cutting down the expense of the place they have to rent, to provide the employees with a working space. Working from home is popularising, but it does have several drawbacks. Some of the most common drawbacks of working from home include:

  • Lack of office Equipment
  • Less socializing and communication
  • Feeling distracted and unmotivated
  • No work-life balance
  • ncreased isolation

Working from home does take a hit on one's productivity since there is a clear absence of discipline in their life. There might be distractions here and there and if the work tasks are not engaging or interesting enough, you might end up spending time with your cat more than working on your laptop. Therefore, if the business owners rent a coworking space, it would be a win-win deal for them. Neither will they have to work from home and the money spent on large spaces will also be saved.

(3) Collaborating with brighter minds:

When an employee works in a regular-sized office space, they get to interact with just the employees of their own company. But the employees working in a Co-working space get to meet new employees who work at different companies nearby.

They can even choose to collaborate on ventures and projects and lead them to the success of collaboration of the greatest minds put together. Collaboration is not just beneficial for the projects, but it also improves a company's image and makes it seem more innovative.

Employees can even discuss and share the software and applications they use for different works. Like one of them might be using a file transfer and might educate the other about it.

(4)Adds flexibility to your profession:

Coworking spaces offer flexibility because these spaces can be used in numerous ways. It is a place to work, one where you can build new relationships and grow your network, and just in general it connects you with the business community and further. Not all days remain the same at work. If there comes a time when you find it hard to continue working at the workplace you are in, you will always have an option to communicate with your friends in different firms and be informed about any vacancies that they may know of. If you're thinking of switching your profession, you can always take help from your colleagues, they can give you advice, support and also, they can recommend you for other opportunities.

(5) Cost-cutting:

A co-working space isn't just a space that one rents to conduct office work. It is a package that contains snacks and several other facilities. Most ‘Co-working’ spaces offer their clients snacks, coffee, space, etc, and all of this at extremely affordable prices. These facilities are shared by different companies and therefore the prices are lesser on an individual firm. These not only create a good image of the company but also their employees to perform better.
The popularity of this co-working space culture is surging in Denver. The coworking spaces in Denver have led to the birth and success of several small businesses. It gave them a home to work from and live their dreams. Especially because these spaces are cosy and comfortable, they will give you the feeling that a coworking space is a combination of a traditional office and home office. It is the perfect balance between these two.


The popularity of Co-working spaces is increasing exponentially. There are several benefits of working spaces. Employees get to connect and build a larger network. Businesses will have a place for their employees to work which will enhance their productivity. All the facilities shall be provided at affordable costs. One can collaborate with employees of other companies and both parties can educate each other about new applications and updates from different industries. Coworking spaces present the ideal opportunity where you have the necessary setting to work but also create new valuable relationships and learn a lot. 

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