Leaderonomics Youth Highlights 2015

Dec 18, 2015 1 Min Read

Photo above: Leaderonomics Club convention with several schools around Klang Valley/ Kuala Lumpur


It has been an exciting and eventful 2015 for the Leaderonomics Youth Team. Through our three main initiatives and special projects, we are proud to say that we have set new records for number of participants and programmes this year.

The year 2015 has been especially wonderful. We have touched the lives of so many youths through DIODE camps, Leaderonomics Clubs in schools, “Student Leaders’ Programmes”, community outreach programmes, and many more.


Fun ice breakers at DIODE Kids Leadership Camp in TTDI.

Fun ice breakers at DIODE Kids Leadership Camp in TTDI

Games at DIODE Youth Leadership Camp.

Games at DIODE Youth Leadership Camp

Dropzone: A safe place to hang out after school.

Dropzone: A safe place to hang out after school

Leaderonomics Club teamwork activity at a school in Kuala Lumpur.

Leaderonomics Club teamwork activity at a school in Kuala Lumpur

'Student Leaders' programme at a school in Puchong

‘Student Leaders’ programme at a school in Puchong

Teamwork activity at a 'Student Leaders' programme in a secondary school in Johor.

Teamwork activity at a ‘Student Leaders’ programme in a secondary school in Johor

PWC Outreach graduation programme.

PWC Outreach graduation programme


At the same time, we did not forget to include parents and educators – the important role models in the lives of today’s youth – through parent workshops and trainings in order to provide as much support as we can to assist them in growing the future leaders of this country.

It has been quite a task for our lean youth team of eight Leaderonomers. Nonetheless, how could we not execute these programmes with joy and energy – knowing that we have the chance to touch and transform many lives along the way?

Being passionate about our work, we have played multiple roles at various times – counselor, mentor, big brother or sister and advocate – not always because we are experts in these roles but because we truly care about the youths who participate in our programmes.

We believe in building communities of love and to do so, we become role models who demonstrate these values which run deep in the youth team.

We would like to send a heartfelt shout-out to all those who have supported our work in the youth team. We could not have run all these programmes without your blessings and your belief in what we do.

For the upcoming year, we will continue reaching out, changing lives, and slowly but surely, transforming the nation!


Lee Vicky (Taiping Leadership Programme, SMJK Hua Lian)

From this camp, I have learnt a lot of things besides having fun there. I am glad to have the opportunity to join this camp. One of the things that I have learnt is that teamwork is important to achieve our vision.

To achieve our vision, we must know what our awareness is and have a good plan. I also appreciate every moment we stayed together there.

Nina Maria Gunaseelan, 14 (DIODE YLC, June 2015)

The DIODE Youth Leadership Camp (YLC) taught me many things, such as the importance of setting goals for myself and how powerful teamwork is. This camp enabled me to express myself and to embrace who I truly am without being afraid.

YLC provided me with a life-changing experience that has guided me to become the leader that I am today, and it definitely isn’t something I regret. I have my group facilitators and camp coordinator to thank for providing me with just these opportunities!

Jeremiah Koshy, 19 (DIODE YLC, June 2015)

Initially, I joined the DIODE Facilitator Selections just to gain greater exposure for myself and hone some leadership skills along the way.

But as I walked in, I found myself in a place that’s open and welcoming, with people who are encouraging and supportive. It is a place where mistakes are acceptable, even encouraged to some extent.

Over the selection and training sessions, I have definitely seen myself grow in confidence and more importantly, I have been able to utilise my talents and experiences to lead more effectively with a clearer vision and plan.

Although at times it is quite a challenge and there’s so much to prepare, I have to say that the prospects of seeing the campers grow as individuals is quite a motivator.

Zayd Khairil, 20 (DropZone)

Dropzone means the world to me. It is a place I go to, to get away from the stress of school and now college. I do my work there with ease, and met the most wonderful people there whom I could call family.

I first joined Dropzone when I was 16 years old. Then, I got the opportunity to intern in Leaderonomics and I learnt a lot while working there. Leaderonomics is a very interactive company and does not segregate one department from the other. I would work for Leaderonomics again if I could in the future.

Khuhan Sundaresan, 15 (Leaderonomics Club, SMK Sultan Abdul Samad)

With Leaderonomics Club, I learnt that to become a leader you must first become a follower. Other than that, I have also gained a lot of self-confidence to speak up and not be afraid.

I also have lots of fun when I get to interact with other members in games and projects. I have certainly gained a lot of knowledge on becoming a leader and learnt how everyone can be one while really having lots of fun too!

Mr Chong (Student Leader’s Programme, teacher at SMK Puchong)

I see what you are doing now. You are getting them to see beyond their duties, to be proactive in building relationships with other students and collaborate with students to build a better school.


Leaderonomics is a social enterprise dedicated to building leaders at all levels for the purpose of transforming
the nation. Our award-winning youth, campus, corporate and media initiatives have been widely recognised for
their impact and reach. Visit www.leaderonomics.org/youth to learn more about how we can partner with your organisation or community to develop young leaders and create social impacts.

To find out more about what’s in our tree, please visit www.leaderonomics.org/youth. For more Starting Young articles, click here.

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Jean enjoys working with children and youth because they inspire her to be a joyous and courageous person. She has a background in family therapy and was previously a part of the Leaderonomics Youth team.

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