Technip: Improved Immigration Services A Welcome Change

Jun 28, 2014 1 Min Read

Technip differentiates itself from its competitors by providing innovative technical solutions. With the right expatriate technical experts and leads based in Malaysia, we are able to execute technically challenging multi-million dollar oil and gas projects in specialised areas such as floating liquefied natural gas, tension leg platforms (TLP), enhanced oil recovery (EOR) and deepwater flexible pipe applications.

We believe that foreign talent stimulate the process of developing local talent. Under Technip Talent Management strategies, we nominate foreign talent as mentor or experts, transferring their knowledge to local talent in three main leadership areas: managerial leadership, project leadership and technology leadership.

Currently, we have a number of foreign project directors who are actively and structurally transferring their knowledge to local project managers over a period of time, in a move to prepare them to manage our large projects.

Technip Talent Management strategies also include “Building the future” and that means contributing to the development of local communities where we operate in and increasing national capabilities.

One of our significant contributions in this area is the appointment of our R&D manager, an expatriate from the United States, and an offshore expert to the Chair in Deepwater and Subsea Technology at Universiti Teknologi Petronas, where he is able to share his expertise and knowledge in a niche area through R&D work with local students.

With the introduction of the Economic Transformation Programme, the Government has been an active facilitator of the private sector to remove barriers to competition and allowing more expatriates to work in Malaysia.

Initiatives such as the residence pass is a major attraction. Technip appreciates the opportunity to hire highly qualified expatriates and retain them for over 10 years.

Jacqueline Chue (pic) is regional HR vice-president of Technip Geoproduction (M) Sdn Bhd. Click here for more articles on business. 

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