Persistence And Humility Will Bring You Far In Your Business

Oct 10, 2017 1 Min Read

There was a time when visual design is confined to professional designers who have accustomed themselves to the tools available in pricey design software such as Photoshop and Illustrator. Piktochart came into the picture to disrupt the world of design, and unleash the creativity of common people with no formal design background to create beautiful and visually-enticing infographics in the digital world.

Goh Ai Ching, co-founder and CEO of Piktochart, is now a globally-recognised start-up leader who has become an ideal role model to many aspiring entrepreneurs and start-up leaders, for her unconventional approach to doing business and her leadership in growing Piktochart into a global business, without any external investments.

Watch this amazing video of Goh being interviewed by Leaderonomics founder & CEO, Roshan Thiran, as she shares about her journey of growing Piktochart into a global organisation. The interview took place at the AmbankBizConf in Penang.

Here are some key takeaways from this exclusive interview:

  • Leaders don’t usually remove themselves from the business for a time of solitude, but it is necessary to help us reflect and regain clarity in what we do in our lives.
  • Leaders need to move past the “fear of failure” mindset. Try new things in the business, and if some things are not working as they should, don’t be afraid to end them.
  • Communicate changes to people to help them understand the need for change and intentionally listen to feedback.
  • Leaders gained followers through relationships that are genuine and caring.
  • Persistence and humility will take leaders far in their journey towards success.
  • We all need a ‘desert’ experience to help us be aware of what we are truly capable of doing and achieving.

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