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Feb 17, 2014 1 Min Read


My current role helps to provide the platform and capability for the retail bank to strategise, grow and acquire the right customer segments.

When I was looking to expand my career six years back, I came across the job description in AmBank where a prerequisite was to be creative.

Banks were not creative back then and that showed me that AmBank is different in how it approaches banking and the next thing I knew, I had sent in my application to join AmBank.

I was provided with lots of opportunities to develop myself professionally and personally. I joined the bank as an executive and have been promoted three times in the past six years.

The bank has definitely recognised my contribution. This is coupled with the fact that I was given the chance to not only grow vertically within the organisation but also laterally from being exposed to different functions within the organisation.


AmBank is a vibrant organisation that provides plenty of opportunity to learn and grow one’s career. It is an organisation where capabilities and efforts do not go unnoticed and are applauded with rewards and recognition in both monetary and non-monetary forms.

It has been a challenging yet exciting experience, considering how the group has grown over the past few years, but it has been a great learning experience for me as well.

Personally, I have progressed from an executive to a being a manager within five years, and each year has provided me the platform to develop my personal skills, knowledge and capabilities, whilst assuming a position of greater responsibility.

My job scope entails assisting the audit director and associate audit director in managing the portfolio of group shared services audit assignments.

This also includes planning and leading audit assignments of the above functions as well as engaging in staff development and training activities.



I manage the automotive financing business, in line with the overall strategic development of improving AmBank’s market share, customer base and profitability.

I am proud to say that we are one of Malaysia’s leading car financiers. I have been with the bank for more than 15 years, holding various roles in different departments during my tenure here.

I embarked on my journey with AmBank in 1997 during the Asian financial crisis and meltdown. I chose AmBank as it was a relatively new bank with promising dynamism and what I foresaw as having a lot of room for expansion, in terms of both the retail banking business and my career growth.

My career has been progressing tremendously and I have to credit that to the support from the senior management throughout the banking group.
While strong foundations have been laid out to ensure strong banking fundamentals, the career path, charity of the employees and performance management are all strong contributors towards the personal development and career growth of the employees.


I have been with the AmBank Group for more than three years and I must say that it has been a fantastic journey thus far.

I am involved mainly in non-motor commercial underwriting matters for agency distribution. I am also involved in training potential marketers on non-motor commercial insurance segments.

Working for AmBank Group has been an eye opener for me as we are trained to serve our customers with our group’s core values of being principled, having a proactive approach, knowing how to be appreciative, staying connected and most importantly, constantly evolving to improve our business.

Besides that, I have warm, friendly colleagues and we always work well as a team.

At AmBank Group, I strongly believe that with my passion and drive, the sky is the limit and I would definitely encourage people with potential to join us.


Coming from an accounting background, I never expected to join the banking line. After resigning from one of the big audit firms, I got a call to be a part of AmBank.

I knew nothing about banking but my superior and the management were kind enough to explain the mechanics of my current role and my career path from there. I guess that is what every organisation should provide an employee with, a career path, not just a job.

It has been an amazing six years for me in AmBank as I was not only able to learn about the banking industry but other sectors as well, such as property development and investment, plantations and the manufacturing industry. This is due to the nature of my job that entails dealing with a variety of clients.

The bank is constantly improving and keeps in touch with its employees through its employee engagement initiatives. There are always improvements after these initiatives and rewards and recognition have been fair as well. AmBank listens to its employees and invests in them.


I joined the bank in 2004 as a trainee under the Securities Commission Graduate Trainee Programme and worked my way up the corporate ladder to the position of an Associate Director.

I have been a part of the bank for nine years now and there were responsibilities as well as opportunities. This is inclusive of managing my own team and being involved in various risk related projects.

My role includes evaluating the credit risk of new applications and credit reviews for approval by the credit and commitments committee of the group.

With the various opportunities to learn via “on-the-job” training, training programmes and ample interaction between the bosses and the junior staff, I believe that I will be able to grow professionally in my current area of expertise.

This will also enable me to expand my banking knowledge and provide me with opportunities to venture into other areas.

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