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We foster creativity and reward innovation

AbbVie came to be on Jan 1, 2013, although this new global biopharmaceutical company had its roots as far back as 1888 as Abbott Laboratories.

AbbVie’s cutting-edge medicines and therapeutic care have saved lives and improved healthcare all across the world. Since its inception, AbbVie has 28,000 employees working with one mission – to address chronic diseases and deliver remarkable impact to people’s lives.

Driving innovation together

With breakthrough medicine which focuses on developing therapeutic care in the areas of immunology, virology, neuroscience, oncology, chronic kidney disease and women’s health, it is no wonder that innovation lies at the heart of AbbVie.
But what drives innovation at AbbVie?

The answer has to do with a culture of listening and following the hearts of its people. AbbVie’s enlightened views on employee engagement has made their members’ well-being the utmost priority.

Mastering the artful skill of effective listening has greatly enhanced AbbVie’s corporate culture resulting in employees describing the company as their second home and the teams they work with, akin to a family unit.

Group Photo III

AbbVie’s multiculturalism is evident during their Chinese New Year celebration.

A culture where people matter

Over the past two years, the Aon Best Employers survey has seen AbbVie continue to soar as leaders who engage their employees and create a high-performance culture.

AbbVie values employees as their greatest assets who give them a competitive edge over the rest, putting them up in the 90th percentile of the employer brand index.

Not only that, there has been significant increase in all other categories such as the leadership index, the engagement index and the high-performance culture index.

“An engaged staff is always in line with the company’s goals – while AbbVie’s mission does not change, its goals are not carved in stone, they evolve, and they should, with the changing environment. Yes, at AbbVie, we develop and distribute medication, but more importantly, we deliver Cure and Hope to our Patients. The focus on patients fuels our collective spirit to reach new heights. We know with every success, is a life saved and a hope restored for our patients and
their loved ones.”
—Mupindra Singh, country manager


Mupindra and team share a hearty laugh during a discussion.

Specialty care business unit director Jimmy Shim, who has been with the company for 16 years, shared that the most powerful turning point for him was when he suffered a broken femur and required three months of rest followed by three months of physiotherapy.

His superior wasted no time in making adjustments so that he could recuperate and heal fully. He felt valued and that this is a place where people care.

The way AbbVie works

“It takes all of us” is an important theme underlying AbbVie’s collaborative approach to problem-solving, development of ideas and excellence, and which sets the enterprise apart. Innovation occurs because there are discussions and exchange of works

Team members want to be kept in the loop, receive feedback and be given the chance to communicate what they are doing with fellow colleagues. If you look at the most successful teams in AbbVie, these are the innate qualities that drive their successes.

Fuelled by a strong vision, its culture of collaboration, of working together and growing together are likely the reasons why AbbVie is today celebrating its achievement as a leading innovator and healthcare provider.

Regional manager of regulatory affairs, Fazidah Mohamed Noor has been part of the family from the beginning and is passionate about the “Ways We Work” behaviours and values driving the AbbVie culture.

Working together under these shared values has clearly succeeded for Fazidah and her team. After all, her department has exceeded business expectations year on year. She makes it a point to encourage team members to do the same.

Employee Activities 5

At AbbVie, practising a healthy lifestyle is central to members’ well-being.

Building trust from within

AbbVie is a firm believer in the need to be transparent and supports responsible disclosure. Leaders and managers make it a point to communicate regularly with their employees and in reverse, employees are assured that they have been heard and their feedback taken seriously when concerns are conveyed.

Building channels for open, honest communications has helped AbbVie create an environment where trust is high, where people know what is expected of them and are confident about the strategy and future of the company.

How is clear and open communication achieved? AbbVie believes that while channels have to be created to give clear and timely information to employees, these must also be accompanied by effective listening and feedback.

From here onquick facts

AbbVie is a young company compared to many of its peers. Yet, it has already taken significant strides to achieve many milestones in critical areas; hitting all the right notes to create strong leadership, a culture that works and a sustainable foundation for the future. AbbVie has been recognised worldwide as one of the best employers, including this year.

In Malaysia, winning Aon Best Employers-Malaysia 2016 again lends credence to this acknowledgement. From where we stand, we know that there are still many more great things we can expect from AbbVie to change the world of healthcare.

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