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The Impact of Our Self-Control Roots

Rashmi Menon, Head of Client Engagement at Leaderonomics, discusses self control, its roots in childhood development, and how that affects us as adults both in and out of the workplace.


23 min Podcast

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Identifying and Building Grit in Oneself

Ang Hui Ming, Co-founder of Leaderonomics talks about what grit is, how to identify it, and how to build it too.


24 min Podcast

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Lessons From Levelling Up in the Esports Industry

By ANDREW CHEN I’m quite happy to say that it wasn’t a difficult switch, transitioning from esports player to manager. I knew that I no longer had the luxury of investing hours per day into perfecting my mechanical skills (again, I was getting old!). However, there was an entire new crop of talent who were willing to give it their all, and I wanted to help them.


6 min read

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Why Failure is Simply Information

Vishen Lakhiani; Founder and CEO of Mindvalley, shares his thoughts on making mistakes, the importance of meditation and the Mindvalley Academy


14 min Video

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