Quotable Quotes: The History Of Asean


Lim Lay Hsuan


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“It is important that individually and jointly we should create a deep awareness that we cannot survive for long as independent but isolated peoples unless we also think and act together and unless we prove by deeds that we belong to a family of South-East Asian nations bound together by ties of friendship and goodwill and imbued with our own ideals and aspirations and determined to shape our own destiny.” Tun Abdul Razak Hussein

“And those countries who are interested, genuinely interested, in the stability of South-East Asia, the prosperity of South-East Asia, and better economic and social conditions, will welcome small countries getting together to pool their collective resources and their collective wisdom to contribute to the peace of the world.”
– S. Rajaratnam

“Particularly what millions of men and women in our part of the world want is to erase the old and obsolete concept of domination and subjection of the past and replace it with the new spirit of give and take, of equality and partnership.” – Thanat Khoman
Published in English daily The Star, Malaysia, 18 April 2015

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