Working from Home: Overcoming Challenges & Developing Steps to Success 



15th Jul 2020

1 min read

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Part 4 of our working from home white paper series focuses on overcoming challenges and developing steps to success. 

The new reality of working from home is complex and may be accompanied by a variety of challenges. In order to create an effective working environment specifically for remote workers, we seek to understand the different levels of challenges. 

What are the challenges of working from home and remote working? Are our people and organisation equipped for this shift into new ways of working? 

Our surveys unveil quantitative and qualitative insights from both company leaders and working individuals in different parts of the world. With our insights and other compiled research, we produce a series of white papers. In this current white paper, we address challenges and issues at the individual and organisational levels and make recommendations for effective ways to work from home or remotely. 

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